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SatelliteLab: Java installation

  1. Download the satellite JAR file.

  2. Start the JAR file. It takes four arguments: An email address, an identifier for your machine (for example, 'desktop' or 'laptop'), an address and a port number. If you have been asked to contribute to a specific experiment, the maintainer should already have given you the last two arguments; if not, please use and 30000. For example, your command line might look like this:
       java -jar satellite-0.9.2.jar identifier 30000

Questions and answers

Q: Why do I have to enter an email address?
A: This is necessary so that the testbed maintainers know how to contact you if there should be a problem with your satellite. The testbed also uses the email address to disambiguate between satellites with the same identifier, e.g., when multiple contributors have called their satellite 'laptop' or 'desktop'.

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