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SatelliteLab: OS X installation

  1. Download the dmg file and run the installer: First, download the .dmg file, which your browser will either automatically open or you can double-click to open. Upon opening this file, you will be presented with a dialog box that looks like the following. Press Continue to proceed with the installation.

  2. Review general information concerning SatelliteLab: The first screen of the installation is informative and provides you with some general information about SatelliteLab. After you are done reading, press Continue to move on to the next screen.

    The second screen of the installation is also informative and alerts you that by participating in SatelliteLab your network connection will be actively used by researchers to evaluate distributed systems. Once you are ready press Continue.

  3. Agree to the Software License Agreement: The third screen of the installation is the Software License Agreement. After you have read it, press Continue.

    You will be presented with an explicit acceptance of the license agreement dialog window at which point you must press Agree to proceed:

  4. Select installation location and authenticate: Now you will be asked to select where you would like to install SatelliteLab. For most computer users, you will have a single default location where SatelliteLab can be installed. Once you have made your choice, press Install. Note: if you are reinstalling SatelliteLab, your button will say Upgrade instead.

    You will now be prompted by the Installer to enter your password. SatelliteLab requires Administrator priveleges to create an Application. Once you have entered your password, press OK.

  5. Personal information: You're almost done! In this step, you should enter your email address and a unique Identifier. Your email address will never be revealed and is used solely for research purposes (for more information, read our FAQ). Your identifier should be something descriptive, such as 'home-laptop'.

    For most participants this is all you need to do at this screen. However, If you have been given a server address and port of a testbed by a researcher to whom you would like to contribute your node, uncheck the 'Join the global testbed' checkbox and enter the address and port in the fields below. Once you are finished, press Continue.

    In the last screen of the installation, you will be informed that SatelliteLab has already started and that SatelliteLab will run each time you reboot the computer.

    Thank you for participating!

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