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Satellite software (for contributors)

This software runs on each machine that contributes resources to SatelliteLab. Unless you actually want to use SatelliteLab to run experiments, this is the only package that you need to install.

Windows installerfor XP, Vista[.exe] [Instructions]
OS X disk imagefor OS X[.dmg] [Instructions]
C++ source codefor Linux, Unix[.tar.gz] [Instructions]
Java archivefor all platforms[.jar] [Instructions]

If you would like to build your own installer package, the source code is available as well (includes all platforms).

Testbed software (for experimenters)

This software is used to run experiments on SatelliteLab; you do not need it if you just want to contribute resources. The planet proxy package is required for all experiments; the sun package is necessary only if you want to set up your own SatelliteLab testbed.

Planet proxyfor Linux, Unix[">.tar.gz]
Sunfor Linux, Unix[">.tar.gz]

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